Bruce is a real-life Corner Man.  It's not a game or a Hollywood script where the hero always comes out on top. This is real life and a job where his choices, strategies, and decisions will determine the outcomes, lives, health, and careers of his fighters. 

His job is to prepare his fighters both mentally and physically for the intense rigors of the fight ahead. Before the fight, his job is to understand the opponents' strengths and weaknesses. He hones his fighters' skills and develops strategies to overcome what is often a bigger, stronger, and faster opponent.  During the fight, the Corner Man's job is to shepherd the fighter through the inevitable ups and downs of tough competition and to breathe life and hope back into his fighter when his hope begins to fade. 


A real corner-man is part Jedi Master, part Field General, and part motivational speaker, all in one. 


It's a rare career path, limited to a driven few. The title of "Corner Man" must be earned from the School of Hard Knocks. It is a career marked by sacrifice, dedication, and heartbreak, balanced by moments of extreme joy, glory, and deep personal and professional satisfaction.

Professional International and World Champions. Olympians and Golden Gloves Champions.

After so many years and so many fights, there is little Bruce hasn't done or accomplished in the sport.