Do you want to sell ice cream or do you want to be a coach?


Nick Saban once said... "If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader; sell ice cream."

Thats damn right!

There are far too many coaches who don't understand the role of a coach/leader or its responsibilities. Far too many coaches feel that making their players happy and being liked by their athletes are as important as what you teach and produce. Too many coaches feel "trying hard" is enough and being liked is the goal...and they are wrong.

Real coaching is the process of teaching people how to be successful. Its not always fun and often times it means your athletes (employees) wont always "like" you during the process.  A coaches job means teaching his/her athletes how to be successful....successful on the score board, successful as high character human beings and successful in understanding  how to build programs that produce winning and repeatable results. Thats what coaching is about. 

If you're  a coach who feels your job is to be friends with your athletes then you don't understand the role. If your system, program and process cant produce successful results then you are not a good coach. 

When you are a coach you have to trust that, in time, your athletes will come to love you for what you taught them, for the person you were and what you sacrificed for them    

Q: Are you a real coach or not! Are you in it for the right reason? 









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