DON'T COMPLICATE SUCCESS: Meet the great Ed Coan


There are so many “systems” to attaining success out there is hard to filter thru them all.  Yet, every once in a while you meet someone who reminds us of what’s really important and how to achieve at the highest levels. So is the case with this weeks guest Ed Coan.

Ed Coan is considered, by most ,as the greatest power-lifter of all time. During his career he set 71 world records and won the world champions countless times. Ed is respected and revered by his peers and a high sought after coach. Looking back over his career  you might assume Ed has some unique training system or approach to his success…but you’d be wrong. In fact when you talk to Ed you quickly discover an unsettling simplicity to his approach. You quickly discover there is no secret system, no mad scientist methods, to gurus… just the basics/fundamentals, repeated over and over in an orderly, predictable detailed plan. In fact Ed’s philosophy is so simple that, at first, it will leave you a little empty and wanting…until you take a moment to truly appreciate and understand the genius and power of his message. DON’T COMPLICATE SUCCESS! 

The other thing you find when you talk with Ed is that his approach matches the man. When you talk or meet Ed you instantly see he’s highly intelligent, dedicated, focused, detailed oriented and just a really nice, simple, honest guy. What’s interesting is that Ed’s philosophy and approach to success match his entire “affect” as a person. In fact his approach matches his personality perfectly and this is another important lesson for us all. BE WHO YOU ARE.

LEADERS: Don’t Complicate Success! Be who you are!

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  • American powerlifter

  • Known as the greatest powerlifter of all time

  • 71 world records in powerlifting

  • The lightest man to shatter the 2400 barrier

  • All-time powerlifting record total at 2,463 lbs.

  • Spends his time mentoring young lifters


  • 4:19 – He described how he became a power lifter

  • 6:00 – Why power lifting?

  • 7:55 – His vision about the sport

  • 8:58 – I like the training part more than the competing part

  • 9:49 – The people around him to excel

  • 10:15 - If I started worrying about everyone else, I wouldn’t got as far

  • 10:55 – I already plan and write down everything

  • 11: 31– What will happen if you don’t hit the plan

  • 12:25 - Did you have mentors or coaches along the way?

  • 15:30 – Did you set up to become the world record holder?

  • 15:50 – He describes his technical aspects

  • 19:24 – Where do you attribute your success?

  • 20:15 - What do you teach in your seminars?

  • 25:20 – Do you discount the emotional component

  • 26:03 – How are you as a motivator

  • 28:00 – He talks about his injury

  • 28:34 – His early thoughts about his injury

  • 30:20 – His comeback after the injury

  • 33:45 – Are you open with new ideas and how you do that?

  • 36:10 – The reason why he doesn’t coach

  • 39: 15 – When did your fire go out

  • 40:24 – His joy in training

  • 42:25 – There is no secret

  • 45:10 – He talks about relationships


  • 4:50 - “I was very athletic, but I’m an introverted”

  • 7:20 – “As soon as I started, I never stopped”

  • 8:09 – “I just knew I liked it, my mind liked it, then my body like it because my mind like it I just tried to get it better all the time”

  • 8:23 – “if you do it enough times, you will be going to be good by the end”

  • 11:38 – “your first mistake is thinking that I would miss”

  • 13:12 – “the better I got, the more I liked it, the more it become the part of me”

  • 19:35 – “Inner drive and aggressiveness”

  • 22:53 – “you have to set your mind up to success by doing everything right by being prepared”

  • 23:02 – “I never miss training”

  • 27:14 – “I was introverted, it’s just me and my own mind”

  • 36:19 – “if I help someone, I make it seems so easy that you don’t realize the genius into it”

  • 41:24 – “I took my time and I make sure I have my I’s dot and t’s crossed all the time.”

  • 41:45 – “if you truly love what you are doing, you want to do it forever”

  • 42:30 – “the people that think there is a secret they will never ever get better because they’re looking outside of themselves to get better. It all starts and ends with you”

  • 43:58 – “The exciting part is when you win and get better”

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