If you cant out train them, then out live them! - Coach Alex Clemsen (U of MD-Head Wrestling Coach)


Coach Alex Clemsen is a realist and an honest man and he is also the new Head Coach for the University of Maryland 's wrestling program. Its a big job and if you are a wrestling coach it's a dream job as well! In this episode, Coach Bruce sits down with Coach Clemsen to discuss his plans for the program, his philosophies, challenges and expectations . In the discussion Coach Clemsen discusses his philosophy of teaching the "whole athlete" and how "out living your opponent" and doing the hard work the right way is the only way to success in todays hyper competitive world. Coach Clemsen discusses his desire to build not only great athletes but also good men ad his hopes that his athletes will impact their community long after leaving his program.

In addition to this Coach Clemsen also discusses his ideas about program building and the type of athlete he is looking to bring to the program as well. Known in the sport as an "elite recruiter "Coach Clemsen discusses his belief that the best way to build a program is to recruit both highly talented athletes with high character and values as well. Coach Clemsen discusses the fact that he spends as much time learning about each athletes talents as he does learning about their character, their focus on academics, how they treat other people and their commitment to excellence both in and out of the gym.

In addition to this Coach Clemsen also shares how he went about building his staff and how he was looking for assistants willing to commit to the level excellence he requires and in turn how he allows "his guys" to flex their strengths by giving them a sense of ownership in the program as well.

This is a talk for every coach or leader building a program and looking for ideas they can immediately put to work on their own team on in their own business!

LEADERS: if you can't workout your opponent then you must out live them!

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Coach Clemsen Career ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

  • All-American wrestler

  • 4 X NCAA qualifier

  • 4 X Won Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Championships

  • Assistant coach at Missouri

  • Served as the director of wrestling operations at Oregon State


  • [5:59] Coaching isn’t determined by the coach, it is determined by result

  • [8:15] His early success during freshman year

  • [12:55] I knew I wanted to be the chief

  • [13:17] Most of the best coaches were not the great athletes during their time

  • [16:48] His top coaching influences

  • [20:13] Coaching the whole person is the real coaching

  • [31:32] He describes about his style of coaching

  • [34:44] What kind of kid is he looking for?

  • [20:44] High school and college are where the real coaching is done!

  • [40:00] The Two (2) rules in his program

  • [42:10] His process of redemption if his kids violate the rules

  • [50:39] His Four Pillars of the Program


  • [11:37] “I not around it”

  • [14:47] "Coaching is a talent. Performing a sport and being able to coach a sport are two completely different things”

  • [14:57] “teaching and coaching is a talent”

  • [45:45] “If you really want to catch somebody that is better than you, you got to outlive them.”

  • [46:40] “everybody works hard, but I did everything right! That’s where my advantage lies”

  • [49:56] “Are you going to do the hard work, in the right way and consistently”

  • [1:00:25] “It doesn’t matter where you are, the best entity has continuity”




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