LOYALTY LEADS TO SUCCESS: A conversation with 2 X Welterweight Champ Shawn Porter


Taking advice from those closest to him was something that Shawn Porter had to learn at an early age. His dad had him in the gym at the age of 4 working out and training to become a boxer. But he credits his dad for also knowing when he needed to be pushed and when somebody else would be more effective to train him. For this week’s conversation, I got to sit down with the two-time welterweight champion boxer and have a unique conversation. We didn’t delve into his boxing career and accomplishments too much. What we spoke about had more to do with what it’s like being coached as a boxer and what traits he’s taken from those that have coached him.

There’s plenty to enjoy in this week’s show for anybody who has had trouble getting through to someone and has needed to take a step back and regroup while adjusting their teaching or mentoring style. Shawn talks about what it’s like to have a father as a trainer, why the dynamic of father/trainer works well in the sport of boxing, why learning what makes your athletes tick is an effective coaching tactic, and how he works analyzing boxers as a commentator. He also dives into why Bruce Arians of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is an effective and winning coach, what the on/off switch means for a boxer, and what he saw in the Lomachenko / Lopez fight from last October. Come for the great discussion on having different coaches in a career and stay for why Shawn pays attention to his opponent’s prefight interviews. This is an interview you won’t want to miss.


  • Loyalty within a team is necessary for a successful personal and professional relationship. If those around you know you’re loyal, they will support you more.

  • Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters when it comes to who your team should listen to. You may not be the best voice to drive home a point to them.

  • You will likely have to cater your tutelage and training to each individual person.

  • Having the ability to know what you’re good at and what you need to improve at is a valuable trait. It’s okay to not know everything and to ask for help from someone else.

  • It may be hard to hear that you aren’t helping someone, but it may be what is best for them to learn what they need to.

  • Being prepared can be extremely valuable. You can catch someone by surprise if you are more prepared than them, giving you the upper hand.

  • Utilizing those around you as influences on your professional career can help you grasp what you’re looking to attain. It’s never hard to t

Shawn Porter Career Accomplishments

  • IBF Welterweight champion, 2013-2014

  • WBC Welterweight champion, 2018-2019

  • 2007 World Golden Gloves champion

  • 31-3-1 with 17 KO

Key Conversation Takeaways

  • 5:04: How did he get into boxing and what is it like having his dad coach him throughout his life

  • 8:08: Advice for coaches on treating athletes individually and who has influenced him as an athlete

  • 16:17: The good and the bad for coaching in boxing

  • 24:28: Breaking down Lomachenko/Lopez fight and what he saw

  • 29:15: How he breaks down an opponent he’s preparing to fight, including their character

  • 33:50: Thank yous and upcoming info about Shawn’s commentating and boxing career

Notable Quotes

  • 4:17: “You can learn what to do and what not to do. It’s up to you to decipher.”

  • 5:25: “I grew up in the boxing gym. I think I was four going on five when I first started going to the gym religiously and actually working out and training. I didn’t even understand what boxing was or anything like that. I just did it because it was what my dad told me to do at that point in time.”

  • 8:33: (when thinking about his high school coaches watching him now) “The thing I think about is, ‘Do they see me and are they proud of me?’”

  • 10:24: “When you can coach an athlete according to who that athlete is, I think that takes you a long way because no one is the same. No two fighters are the same. No two football players are the same.”

  • 14:49: “People think talent alone is enough. If there’s a sport that can prove that it’s not enough, it’s boxing.”

  • 23:14: “Having that humble nature as a coach is an important aspect of being a fully developed coach.”

  • 31:10: “Your personality outside of the ring goes into the ring with you.”

  • 36:35: “It’s very hard to prepare to compete.”










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