Raul Marquez: An America dream.


Raul Marquez is a former US Olympian, IBF World Champion and current SHOWTIME BOXING analyst.

However, Raul’s success is really the story of his father’s dream of coming to America to make a life from himself and his family. This is the story of a fathers suffering and sacrifice and what really lies at the heart of Raul’s success both in and out of the ring.

LEADERS: This is a story of what dream can start, what hard work can achieve and the rewards of suffering for your goals. Want to teach success then model the behaviors you seek.

Raul was born in 1971 in a home with a dirt floor. His father said that the moment Raul was born he was moving is hands and so his fathers first dream for Raul was to make him a boxer. When Raul got old enough his father set up a make-shift gym in their home and together they would train and travel. This was the start of Raul’s career.

Raul’ originally liked boxing because it was a way for him to spend time with his father, however, the more he fought the more he won and it wasn’t long before Raul began to think that there may be a future in the sport for him.

Eventually Raul would earn a spot on the 1993 US Olympic team. Later Raul would turn professional an eventually captured the IBF world super middleweight title. Raul would go on to defend his title several time before retiring with a professional recorded of 41-4. After his retirement Raul would take a job as an on air analyst for cable TVs SHOWTIME BOXING series.

There were some rough times along the way. Sometime the “powers that be” tried to come between Raul and his father but the two remained together for the entirety of Raul’s career. This is the worthy of a fathers dream for his family and a testament to what hard work, suffering and sacrifice can bring to a life and family


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Key takeaway:

· Hard work and patience are the keys to attaining your dreams. (5:30)

· Humble beginnings: Raul was born in a house with a dirt floor. (6:40)

· We are all seeking someone’s approval: Raul seeks his father’s love. (11:00)

· Struggle and success walk hand in hand. (16:00)

· Your hard work and suffering are “fortitude in the bank.” (19:00)

· Remain humble even in the face of success. (21:00)

· Great fighters don’t always make good trainers. (25:00)

· There are “trainers, teachers and coaches”...they are all not he same. (28:00)

· Father’s model hard work, dedication and success for his son(s). (28:30)

· Sometimes the only strategy is courage (34:15)

· We took losing very hard: (39:30)

· The sport of boxing is very differ then the business of boxing (40:00)

· Boxing lessons help Raul seize the moment in broadcasting (55:10)

Notable Quotes:

· “I’m gonna make this kid a boxer” Rauls father on the day of his birth

· “I started boxing to spend time with my father”

· “The discipline and dedication are what is going to make the difference”

· “My father is still on my ass about being smart with your money”

· “Me and my father were on our own team”

· “Nobody's going to take advantage of me”

· “Not all great fighters make good trainers”

· “Sometime the only strategy left is courage” (CB)

· “I don’t believe in losing”

· I love the sport of boxing much better than the business of boxing” (CB)

· “Greatness is the result of suffering and sacrifice” (CB)


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