From the corner - What it Really Means to be a Champion


When we think of becoming a ‘champion,’ we think of holding a trophy above our heads, hearing the crowd chant our name, or being ranked the Number 1 athlete or company.

We equate being a champion with being a winner. We crave this outcome so much that it dictates how we measure our performance, how we work, and how we lead our teams.

Now don’t get me wrong, winning is important. But the best leaders know that being a champion actually has very little to do with winning or losing.

In this short episode, I dive deeper into what it truly means to be a champion and how it has influenced the way I live and lead. I also share how I coach my athletes to have the mindset of a champion and how devoting ourselves to a worthwhile endeavor can transform the way we live our lives.

As you continue to follow along with me in this first season, I hope you feel inspired to build a broad and robust image of what it takes to be a champion and motivated to apply it to your own world.

Key Ideas & Takeaways:

  • Why I chose to name this first season ‘The Champions’ [00:36]

My idea of what it means to be a champion [3:43]

  • The first time I ever experienced becoming a champion [11:13]

  • How I coach my athletes to become a champion [14:00]

  • How devoting yourself to something transforms you [15:15]

Notable Quotes:

  • “Being a champion had little to do with an outcome and really to do with the process.” - Coach Bruce Babashan

  • “It is the complete and utter devotion to a worthwhile endeavor, regardless of the outcome, that makes you a true champion.” - Coach Bruce Babashan

  • “Most of us are afraid to find out that our best is not good enough and that is exactly what keeps us from becoming our best.”- Coach Bruce Babashan

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