Surround yourself with the right people. A message from 2 X World Champ William Joppy.


2 x World Champ William Joppy shares his story in this honest chat about what it takes to be the best, overcoming difficulties and the need to surround yourself with the right people.

William started boxing at the age of 20, VERY late by most standards, and in just 18 months was competing for a spot on the US Olympic Team. William was born to fight and after turning pro he eventually became a 2 X world middleweight champ beating greats like Roberto Duran and Julio Cesar Green. William retired with a career recorded of 40 wins, 7 losses with 2 draws and is now a coach in Rockville Maryland.

William also has his own non-profit called Breakfast with Boxers where he provides AND serves breakfast to local homeless residents in his hometown (Montgomery Co. Maryland). It should also be noted that William is my good friend. We see each other every day in the gym and it 's an honor to call him friend.

LEADERS: Loyalty and surrounding yourself what the right people can make all the difference!



4:30: My father was my biggest influence

7:05: I never thought I’d be a world champion

19:57: First title fight was a draw

24:25: My shoes, cup and mouthpiece didn’t fit and I still had to win the title

34:45: Have good people around you.

34.50: Worst decision I ever made was to change my team

35:20: The lesson of loyalty

36:15: There is always another level

40:00: Focus is a skill

45:35: Hard to coach after you’ve been a success

52:30: William wants to tell his story.


4:45: “One thing I always did was go to school and do my work.”

7:05: “I was just so thrilled about be a boxer.”

27:05: “Sometimes you have to fight hurt.”

27:55: “You need to know the difference between pain and injury.”

43:00: “Boxing is just a part of my life.”

46:31: “I wanted it man…I was really hungry.”

48:15: “You did what you needed to do the get where you wanted to go…”

9:21: “I was chasing a dream”

50:20: “As a coach I don’t want to call a fighter to tell him to run, I want fighter who calls me to tell me he already ran.”


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