THE FOUR TYPES OF FIGHTERS: Knowing the right one for you will make all the difference!


The four types (styles) of fighters are: the BULL, the MATADOR, the FOX and the FENCER. Each of these types (styles) can win in any fight, however, to achieve victory the style you select must be "authentic" to you (or your team) and all of the assets inherent to that style must be brought to bare in competition. This is true in the ring, on the playing field /court and in business.

Choosing the right fight style maximizes your intellect, temperament, capabilities (resources) and aptitudes. The problem is that far too many athletes, coaches and leaders don't spend the time necessary truly understanding themselves enough to make the right choice . As a result instead of choosing the right fight style many have no style whatsoever while others choose the style that appeals most to their ego. This is a failure in leadership and one that most often leads to defeat.

In this show we discuss these four types of fighters, how to know and select the style that is best for you or your team and the consequences when you do not.