The Jimmies and Joes: Rick Neuheisel speaks


"Coaching is about the Xs and Os AND the Jimmies and Joes"

-Coach Rick Neuheisel

Rick Neuheisel served as the Head Football Coach at the University of Colorado, the University of Washington and his alma mater, the storied UCLA. During his career Coach Neuheisel became a highly respected coach among his peers and compiled a career record of 87–59 taking his teams to multiple major bowl appearances. In addition to the college game Rick also served as the QB Coach with the Baltimore Ravens for two seasons and offensive coordinator for one. Most recently Coach Neuheisel served as the Head Coach for the Arizona Hotshots of the recently defunct Alliance of American Football (AAF). Today Coach Neuheisel is a commentator on CBS's College Game Day and can be also heard on his XM/SIRUS radio show "FULL RIDE" which aires each afternoon from 2-3PM.

Coach Neuheisel sums up his philosophy on coaching in one simple phrase: "Coaching is not just about the Xs and Os but it's also about the Jimmies and Joes." A successful, highly respected, winning coach who believes that the way to success is by caring for your athletes first and winning and losing second.

Stay tuned to learn Coach Neuheisel's thought son coaching success, leadership and the role and responsibility of coaches in todays every changing and stressful environment. More detailed notes below...

Key takeaway:

[1:02] About Neuheisel, a snipped of his journey

[15:40] How Rick envisioned to become a coach

[24:32] The impact of coaches on Rick's life

[30:14] What are the values of a successful coach

[36:27] How can a Players-Coach model work for your organization

[39:00] Rick's style of coaching

[47:00] Movie recommendation by Bruce

[49:43] How to effectively lead with example

[54:10] Best piece of advice for coaches and small business

[63:15] Closing remarks

Notable Quotes:

  • "The ultimate reason we love football is that you can't play it by yourself, it's a team sport."

  • "The head coach's job is not first to lose the game, not necessarily just to win it."

  • "In cynical coaching, the winning wasn't the celebration; it was the relief."

  • "Coaching at a higher level with a higher purpose is not just about results but the joy and process of success.

  • "Inactivity, non-racism is allowing racist activity to occur. We've got to be anti-racist."

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Detailed Show Notes:

"It's fascinating how coaches put together a bunch of people and create success."

On this episode of Your Corner Man Podcast, Bruce sits down with Rick Neuheisel, a football coach, former player, and attorney. Rick shares his story of growing up playing for his father, his unlikely road to UCLA where he played QB and won the Rose Bowl as the MVP to being the answer of a football trivia questions "the last person to score a one-point conversion on the run in the NFL without kicking the ball." In the discussion with Coach Bruce Rick underscores the traits he feels make a great football coach and offers a refreshing perspective on coaching and how you can make a tremendous impact as a leader.

Rick leads with empathy - In his perspective, empathy empowers you to grow beyond temporary wins and make a lasting impact in the world. He expresses himself as a Players' Coach, a coach who embraces the identity of players and leans toward the player believing in redemption rather than dismissal and yet, also noted that some of his biggest regrets as a coach stemmed from not holding some of his more accountable...noting coaching is a hard business to get right all the time. Rick also talked working with the great Troy Aikman at UCLA and his discovery of the use of "play and fun" as a highly effective teaching tool... even in the most competitive of environments .

In his words, "Coaching at a higher level with a higher purpose is not just about results but the joy and process of success."

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