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Reigniting your (and your teams) passion, energy and purpose.

Too often, our "high purpose" ( the “romantic” idea and energy that first motivated you and your team to undertake a new direction, launch a new business, or take on a problematic challenger/project ) changes under the weight of day-to-day pressures and accountability that come with the role of leader.  Under this pressure we soon begin to "drift" and our romantic ideals give way to a fanatical and sometimes cynical focus on " the bottom line" and/or  “getting the win."  People become less important than results, obedience replaces dialogue, and eventually, the passion and purpose that once energized and ignited your team/organization is morphed into a cynical narrow cited focus on only the bottom line and its outcomes.

The "drift" is subtle at first. While this transformation is happening, we fail to notice the collateral damage we are causing and how it is actually negatively impacting our ability to achieve the very goals we sought to accomplish in the first place. Over time the "dangerous drift" changes how we view ourselves, our dreams, our mission, and how we interact with and treat the people we lead.

In this talk, I discuss this all-too-common experience, in the context of leadership, team building, customer service, and peak performance. I discuss the "drifts" warning signs and emphasize the importance of keeping your heart and original high-purpose central to your work at all times and the rewards of doing so even when it is the most challenging.

This talk will help you to:

  • Re-energize your passion and purpose for your work.
  • Reconnect to your client's most important needs and pain.
  • Dramatically improve team enthusiasm, energy, and cohesion.

  • Establish your team's shared purpose and common goals. 

  • Increase bottom-line performance.



The five types of teammates and their individual level of commitment to your team/organization's goals and success.  

This talk is aimed squarely at teams looking to break records and win championships and businesses seeking to build a highly productive and cohesive team culture.

In this program, Coach Bruce uses a unique visual model that he developed over the past twenty years that helps the audience visualize and understand the five types of teammates on every team, their level of commitment to the team's goals, how each of these five types operates, and their impact on the team's success.

Attendees learn how to build teams with the right people, how to spot those who detract from their goals, and how to help others who want to move to the next level of contribution.

Said plainly, achieving extraordinary success requires a team of highly coordinated, hyper-focused individuals willing to engage in a selfless and extremely challenging team effort.

Learning objectives for this talk are:

  • Teach you to quickly identify which team members are faking it and who is making it happen.

  • Show you how to recruit and retain the right people for your team/organization.

  • Identify the true leaders on your team or organization.

  • Learn how to maximize your team's potential.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This talk is easily modified for teams and organizations looking to re-energize their leadership and reconnect to their purpose.




GRIT...the ultimate equalizer!

Dispelling the myth of the "overachiever " and learning how GRIT can help you to achieve your biggest goals.

The idea of the "overachiever" is a myth! There are only those people who do what it takes to succeed and those who don’t. Many people considered “overachievers” regularly produce extraordinary results despite often having less apparent talent, less advantage, and fewer resources than their opposition. They do it with GRIT!


​GRIT is a rare blend of elements that includes passion, persistence, and focus. Studies conducted at the US Military Academy (at West Point) identified GRIT as the single most influential element to success.


​Despite what you may have been told IQ is not enough. Talent is not enough. Strategy, planning, and logic are not enough and the world is full of over-educated, talented intellectual failures. Yet when you add GRIT into the mix the whole equation changes, and the average becomes great and goals once considered unachievable are now within reach. GRIT is 100% a choice, and incorporating and mastering its elements will give you (and your team) what Coach Bruce calls “The GRIT Advantage.”


​In this powerful program, Coach Bruce teaches participants how to put GRIT into action by using the same mindsets, behaviors, and routines that the highest achievers in sports, life, and business use to achieve their biggest goals.


This program is characterized by powerful storytelling and by learning ways to immediately incorporate and begin to master the elements of GRIT in your own life.

 This talk will help you and your team to:

  • Recognize the power and importance of GRIT.

  • Learn the three basic steps for incorporating GRIT into your daily life.

  • Improve self-awareness.

  • Inspire better teamwork and cohesion.

  • Build confidence in outcomes.




This talk is for anyone struggling with making big changes, and fearful about taking the next big step in their careers and lives. 

Wildly successful in the corporate world, Coach Bruce was tormented by self-doubt, uncertainty, and a haunting feeling that there was something more he needed to be doing with his life. Many years of success in the business world failed to bring fulfillment and joy to his life. Unable to deny his passion, Coach walked away from a corporate structure that offered him the financial security to pursue his heart. Chasing his passion to coach fighters and cultivate champions meant he, too, had to prove himself all over again. Each new challenge forced Coach to make a decision - give in to his fears and go back to the corporate world or forge ahead and find a way.


This program is about making big decisions and changes in your life.  It's about finding humility and overcoming your fears. This program is about cashing your passion and having the spirit to pus through the most difficult and trying times.

Whether you want to change careers, start a new business, or chase your passion, Bruce's story will help you face your fears, tackle the adversity you will face along the way, and inspire you and give you the courage to take action in your own life and career.

Learning objectives for this talk are:

  • Find the courage to take the next big step in your life.

  • Learn to plan your next move.

  • Embracing humility and finding honor in work.

  • Discovering a new understanding of success and fulfillment



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