Being the best leader you can be, overcoming big obstacles, and achieving your most important and ambitious goals requires GRIT. GRIT is a blend of elements including passion and persistence that, when combined with a clearly defined goal, can produce extraordinary results. Knowing GRIT and understanding, incorporating, and mastering its elements give you “The GRIT Advantage.”

In this powerful program, Coach Bruce teaches participants how to put GRIT into action by using the same mindsets, behaviors and routines that the highest achievers in both sports and business use to achieve their biggest goals. This highly motivational program is characterized by powerful storytelling and by learning ways to immediately incorporate the elements of GRIT into your own life, team or business.

Attendees leave Coach’s presentation with realistic, actionable concepts they can act on immediately that will:

  • Energize performance

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Inspire teamwork

  • Build confidence



Too often our high purpose — the “romantic” idea that first motivated us to undertake a career, new venture, project, or mission — changes under the weight of day-to-day operations and accountability. Our ideals give way to a fanatical focus on “crossing the finish line", “finishing what we started”, or “achieving the goal”. With enough pressure, we lose ourselves the process and our original high-purpose morphs into a cynical attitude focused only on reaching and winning the end game. 

While this is happening, we fail to notice the collateral damage. This "dangerous drift" of the way we view ourselves, our goals, our mission, and how we view the people we lead or serve can cause turmoil within ourselves and create havoc in our team and organization. In this talk, I discuss this all too common experience in the context of leadership, team building, customer service and peak performance. I emphasize the importance of keeping your heart and original high-purpose central to your work at all times, and the rewards of doing so even when it is the most challenging. 

Attendees leave Coach’s presentation with realistic, actionable concepts they can act on immediately that will:

  • Re-energize your leadership passion
  • Dramatically improve team bonding and cohesion   

  • Establish your teams shared purpose and common goals 






This talk is aimed squarely at sports teams looking to win championships and/or businesses seeking to dominate their market.

In this program, Coach Bruce uses a unique visual model that he developed over the past twenty years that helps the audience clearly visualize and understand the five types of teammates on every team, how each of these five types operates, and their impact on the team's success.

Attendees learn how to build teams with the right people, how to spot those who detract from their goals and how to help others who want to move to the next level of contribution.

Said plainly achieving extraordinary success consistently, requires a team of highly coordinated, hyper-focused individuals willing to engage in a selfless and extremely challenging team effort.

Team attendees will be able to:

  • Identify who on your team is faking it and who is making it happen



Wildly successful in the corporate world, Coach Bruce was tormented by self-doubt, uncertainty, and a haunting feeling that there was something more he needed to be doing with his life. Many years of success in the business world failed to bring fulfillment and joy to his life. Unable to deny his passion, Coach walked away from a corporate structure that offered him  financial security to pursue his heart. Chasing his passion to coach fighters and cultivate champions meant he, too, had to prove himself in battle all over again. Each new challenge forced Coach to make a tough decision - give in to his fears and go back to the corporate world or forge ahead and find a way.


This program is about making big changes in your life.  It’s about overcoming your fears, cashing your passion, and having the spirit to push through the most difficult and trying of times.


Whether you want to change careers, open a business of your own or chase your passion Bruce's story will help you face your fears, avoid the many pitfalls, and inspire you to take action in your own life and career.