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The 10 Truths 

How to build a unbeatable teams and a culture of fulfilled players/employees. 


There are ten things you can know about every person before you've ever met them. What's more knowing what these ten things are will allow you to understand them in ways you had previously never thought possible and to build an unbeatable team. 

The decades I’ve spent working as a coach in one of the world's most challenging sports — and the years I spent before that as a top senior business leader have given me insights into exactly what these ten things are and how knowing them can help you build a team that empowers people to do extraordinary things. 


This talk is not just simply about building a wining team but doing it in a way so that every member is fulfilled in doing their part and giving their very best in the process. In this talk you'll want to bring a pen and paper to take notes as we discuss what these ten things are and how you can benefit from knowing them. I use stories from my own experiences as well as those from other great coaches that provide the insight and inspiration you need to build a unbeatable team.

The Best  Leader You Can Be

High-purpose, self awareness and the impact of who you are on how you lead. 

Too often our high purpose — the “romantic” ideal that first motivated us to undertake a career, new venture, project, or mission — changes under the weight of day-to-day operations and accountability. Our ideals give way to a fanatical focus on “crossing the finish line", “finishing what we started”, or “achieving the goal”. With enough pressure, we lose ourselves the the process and our original high-purpose morphs into a cynical attitude focused only on reaching and winning the end game. 

While this is happening, we fail to notice the collateral damage. This "dangerous drift" of the way we view ourselves, our goals, our mission, and how we view the people we lead or serve can cause turmoil within ourselves and create havoc in our team and organization. I talk about this all too common experience in the context of leadership, team building, customer service and peak performance. I emphasize the importance of keeping your heart and original high-purpose central to your work at all times, and the rewards of doing so even when it is the most challenging. 


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The Five Types of Teammates 

Understanding who is on your team and how each contributes or detracts from your team goals.  

Success requires commitment. Consistent success requires unwavering commitment. Extraordinary success requires total commitment. As a leader and team member, this has been drilled into us. And yet...does any of this sound familiar...?

  • You say  you're committed to your work, yet you still can’t seem to produce the results you want or need.

  • You deliver "out of the park results one time, only to just meet your goals the next. 

  • You ledger sheet between what you achieve and what it costs yo personally seems out of balance.


Said plainly achieving extraordinary success consistently, requires a single minded focus that often gives as much as it takes. In this talk Coach Bruce discusses the very real and sometimes unnerving truth about the sacrifices we must make to achieve The Big Things. Using a unique behavioral model, visual system, and plenty of relatable stories, Bruce helps you understand your true level of commitment, and what that means to getting to the next level. Coach Bruce asks: What "shape" is your team in? 


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Lesson From the Corner 

Stories of life, leadership, courage and character tailored just for you and your team. 


Do you know what it takes to build a champion? How to recognize and develop courage? How to prepare yourself and your team for any fight? Can you manage the inevitable loss when it happens and turn it into the foundation of your next victory? Do you want to know how to live and sustain your path to success without succumbing to the excesses that victory can put before you? 

Not everything in life is about boxing, but everything in boxing is about life. The decades I’ve spent working as a coach in one of the world's most challenging sports — and with some of its toughest and most accomplished coaches and champions — has taught me about leadership, building a great interdisciplinary team, and empowering people to do extraordinary things. 

I discuss in detail the concepts and practice of leadership, courage, character, team building and peak performance. I use stories from my experiences and from the experiences of other great coaches and athletes to provide the insight and inspiration that can help you or your organization take control of your circumstance, overcome big challenges, and turn them into success for yourself, your team and life.     


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