Because EVERYBODY needs a good Corner Man

A highly successful former senior executive and business owner turned renowned professional and USA Boxing Coach.



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"I have a unique set of life experiences at the highest levels in business and as a boxing coach that has given me a rare and unique set of insights into what leadership is, what it takes to accomplish big things, and the mindset and practices of those who do."

                             -Coach Bruce Babashan

"Not everything in life is about boxing. But everything in boxing is about life." 

                                                            -Bruce Babashan 

A highly successful former senior executive and business owner turned renowned professional and USA Boxing Coach



"When you hire a keynote speaker for your national conference, you "need” that person to hit a home run for you. You need their message to be on point, to impact everyone in the room, and for it to last long after the event is over. Bruce is a gifted speaker. His talk was powerful and left the entire conference buzzing. He “nailed it” and we simply loved his message. Bruce is authentic, professional, and speaks from the heart. I strongly recommend Bruce to anyone looking for a speaker who can be counted on to deliver."


                                                                                                                         - David B. Dorwart, Chairman, National Lifeline Association

"WOW!! We cannot wait to have Coach Bruce out again to speak to the troops. Honest, true, powerful ,and deeply inspiring!"

- 1st Sergeant:- Joshua Goodie,


"Bruce has a powerful message. We liked Bruce so much, we're having him back later this year at our annual conference." 

Ken Lubin -Managing Director,


Bruce is a professional, informative ,and very inspiring speaker . Bruce was a big hit with all of our attendees!"  

Keith Grabowski-Director of Operations, USA FOOTBALL

"Our entire team loved Bruce and his message. We liked Bruce so much we had him speak three times. I highly recommend him..."

Michele Potter- Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture


"I know how to fight...in the ring, in life, and in business.  Although I ran a successful consulting business, and was, for many years, a highly successful senior executive in corporate America, I don't market myself as a business expert. What I am is an expert in leadership at getting the most out of your people and teams. This is my gift, my special talent, my place, and my contribution to the world. If you want to know about widgets, then you may be able to find someone better suited to help you...BUT...if you want to know about getting things done, overcoming adversity, and maximizing your own and your teams potential, then you've come to the right place, my friend."

"I want to be YOUR CORNER MAN"





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